Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 20:

So it's been a couple days now, had two days off after working two in a row! Still loving my job, had a couple busy days off!! Spending a lot of time with Elsie AND McKenzie, I love spending so much time with them! Talked to McKenzie about how many kids she'd like to have - I think we're on the same page with 2 or 3.

I haven't heard back about the psychologist thing, I'm sure it will not be until after the holidays. Which is okay but I'm worried about money when it comes to these sessions... I have no idea how to pay for them because I have no idea how much money they will cost or how many I will have to have!!

It's almost Christmas and I am beyond excited for Elsie's first Christmas to happen!! So excited to see all the gifts she got and see of she likes them. I hope that she has a lot of fun with them!

I am so excited to play Santa and experience that look on her face when she sees what Santa has gotten her!! Oh my I cannot wait!! Also I amaze myself everyday at how much I love my daughter. I talked to Kenz about this the other day. I freak myself out by how much I love her!! McKenzie is the love of my life, and I love Elsie more but in a different way! I couldn't imagine life without either of them, but it's hard to explain how much I love each of them, there is no real comparison.

So excited for the holidays I'll check in again after Christmas!!

Til Later


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