Thursday, January 30, 2014

Day 44: Insulin Pumping Begins

Today we had our first insulin pump training!  We have tubing all hooked up on our little baby girl just no insulin going just yet. We are letting her get used to the pump while we get used to it too! We'll be injecting until next week when we hook up the actual pump with insulin to her. She's such a trooper and hasn't even made a fuss about it yet. 

My mom visited this morning and we hung out before the appointment.  Elsie loves her so much! I love seeing the two of them interact its heart warming!! Won't see my mom again this weekend due to weather!  I'm so sick of this weather!  Kenz will probably be off work late tomorrow and its going to suck but then its the weekend again! Yay! Hoping for some things to work out coming up soon!

Also I am not doing insanity anymore - I'm going to try twice a week to do it but now I'm watching a 9 month old girl and its just not feasible!!! Too much going on for that to be happening!  Not 100% necessary for me right now!!!

Off to bed I go trying to wean the bottle for Elsie starting tonight hopefully just water by next week... keep fingers crossed!!!!

Til Later

Monday, January 6, 2014

Day 43:

Today starts a new year for me. I am going to be working out with the Insanity program for 2-3 months. I want to do this to better myself both physically and mentally. I want to be a better role model for Elsie and I want to have her look up to me in terms of fitness and eating habits! Its so important for her to get good nutrition. I cannot wait to do this. Now with that being said I haven't actually done an exercise yet. SO this whole positive outlook may change after today. But I have a really good feeling about this workout thing. I also want to have a happy and healthy life and pregnancy next time I am pregnant and I need to have a positive and healthy lifestyle before I am ready to dive into another pregnancy.

We put in an insurance request for Elsie's insulin pump. We are so excited have her on a pump  and we'll get much better blood sugar and insulin control with the pump. She is having great blood sugars right now but a pump will only better our control over her sugars and being able to give small amounts of insulin to better control the ups and downs. Shes such a trooper and she'll be able to push through anything.

I took before pictures yesterday. Hopefully I will be able to see a difference in my body. Not sure if this is stupid to partake in this when I know that I am going to become pregnant again soon - and all this work on my body may be ruined with the pregnancy - but my doctor told me that anything you did before pregnancy is safe to do during pregnancy. I plan on trying to keep this workout going throughout the next pregnancy, or at least the best I can that is.

Kenz and I had a nice date the other night. My mom watched Elsie and we went to Friday's and got ice cream - it was awesome. Sometimes its nice to get away even just for a little bit to keep our sanity. Elsie is an amazing girl and we are SO lucky to have the daughter we have she is almost always in a great mood - but sometimes we need a break from her so we remember we are adults and not little kids like her. McKenzie has been off work for almost three weeks now and its been awesome to have her here with me and Elsie. I am so happy for the times I have with Elsie and McKenzie. Its going to be so hard when she goes back to work. I will miss her so much and I know Elsie will too!!

Well we are watching some Netflix documentaries now and its close to my favorite thing to do ever!! Happy new year and happy new me!!

Til Later

here are my before Insanity pictures