Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 13:

Today was amazing!! Woke up early with Elsie and spent some time with my mom and Elsie before Kenz got up! We got an oil change on the car. Talked to my mom about my depression and PTSD symptoms. She's been very supportive throughout this whole experience!! I feel like she might understand the depression more than she's letting me know about when I first asked her if she had any issues with her c-section she still thinks, "I have two kids but never had a baby!" I hope she never felt like I feel... But if she did I hope she's gotten over it - I'm sure by now she has. My grandma visited today and spent some time with Elsie!!

Watched a show today called secretly pregnant, what a crazy show!! Me and my mom talked about how I told her as soon as I knew, and that I wanted to wait until I was showing so that she couldn't stress me out and risk a miscarriage. But we decided that telling her when I did was the best thing I ever did because it gave her plenty of time to cope, and be accepting of it. I know if I would have told her further along things may not be how they are and our relationship could be so much different and not for the better! Elsie and my mom have an awesome relationship! I want Elsie to be close to Gramma as I was so close to mine and it was such an amazing experience!! I just love visiting my mom at her house I see so much joy in her eyes when she's near Elsie and same with Elsie!! It is such an amazing thing to witness!! And I know Kenz feels like she's at home there too, it's just a great time all around.

Started to address Christmas cards tonight, feels awesome to send Christmas cards with pictures of our family!! So excited and I hope everyone that gets one will enjoy it!! Love love love our first family picture! It's beautiful!!

Have to work at 7:00a tomorrow so I'm hitting the hay!!

Til later - Sarah

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