Monday, December 9, 2013

Day: 42

Okay so things have been put into a whole new perspective! We had fed Elsie around 3:30pm and gave insulin etc for it. But she was hungry about two hours later. We had thought we couldn’t give insulin for 3-4 hours after it was given last. So we called our diabetic educator to get some help. But we didn’t hear back right away so we just did what we thought we were supposed to do. WELL she called us about 30 mins after we gave her insulin 3.5 hours after we gave it to her before, well she manages to tell us that we should only correct her sugar if it has been between 3.5 and 4.5 hours since we last corrected blood sugar! HOWEVER we are supposed to give insulin for carbs EVERY TIME she eats something! This means that she doesn’t need to necessarily eat three set meals a day. ANYTIME she eats food we count carbs and if its not enough to cover for (at least .35 units) then we fix it next time we correct her sugar.

I am sure I’ve lost everyone at this point. However this makes so much sense to me and Kenz. This news was so liberating! This seriously opens up so many more opportunities. I can seriously regulate this blood sugar knowing this! I cannot believe we were not told this before now. This is ridiculous! I cannot believe that this AMAZING piece of information was allowed to slip through the cracks! This is how I now know how to be a pancreas! I am pissed that we didn’t know this until then. I cannot wait for tomorrow!!  Its going to be awesome! December 18th we are going to have another appointment with Dr. Riggs. I called Noreen today to let her know we’d like to talk about pumps with him. She was all for it! Having an insulin pump will seriously make our lives SO much better! I cannot wait for the moment!

So Kenz and I have still been talking about having baby #2 even with all this drama! Its always been something that we want for our family and even with a 5% chance of baby number two having diabetes but it isn’t like diabetes is a good reason to not have another kid. Lots of people have multiple kids and a lot of them have kids that are diabetic and some that aren’t. BUT the more we talk about it the more stressed Kenz gets and me too. I tell Kenz how important it is to plan plan plan because of the fact that if I have to have another c-section I WILL need help! I will NOT be able to pick Elsie up for a least a week without risking some complications. I do not intend on an c-section at all but I have to plan this pregnancy with that being a factor. I explained that we need to conceive in either February or March so that baby would be born on or around McKenzie’s shut down for thanksgiving or Christmas. If we do not try in the spring then I explained that trying in October would be our best bet so that baby would be born around July shut down – and Elsie’s birthday and which is why I would like to try this spring.

BUT I get scared thinking about it. I can handle a pregnancy no problem but every time I think about getting pregnant I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I get nervous because I am so much more educated this time around and I know what I went through the first time is something I am going to do EVERYTHING to avoid next time around. No induction, no pitocin, no epidural!! This is possible to be done without these interventions and I trust my body and I know that I will birth a baby out of my vagina!! Sorry if that’s TMI. Anyways I think that my fear comes from not knowing what to expect and its all scary this will be like a first time labor/birth for me so its all new scary but exciting at the same time!!

Christmas is right around the corner and with this new idea of what insulin is really used for its going to be a much better holiday!! Happy happy happy!! Take care everyone!!

Til Later,

Thursday, December 5, 2013


This website is giving away a book for parents with type one diabetic children! With everything going on lately I could use all the thee help I can get!

I'm blogging this to get better chances at winning a free copy of this book....

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Day 41:

Tonight I am full of thought. I have struggled with this Diabetes thing like none other lately. I HATE that I have to carefully plan out each meal, snack, and drink Elsie gets. It is SO hard to try to force a 16 month old to eat 3 or 4 meals a day on a schedule. Some days are better than others. Some days she’s hungry right when I plan her to be. Some days she’s hungry but not for what I’ve cooked for her to eat. Some days she just snacks all day. There is no normal to any given day. I cannot wait for the day when I have a “normal” day. I know that my normal would be so much different than most moms with a 16 month old’s day but I can only hope to find my own normal.

Some days I feel that I try to take too much control in the situation. Kenz was off work for 9 days and only cooked calculated and provided insulin for ONE meal! I know that that is not because she’s not comfortable doing it or that she doesn’t want to do it. I think it’s partly because I won’t let her have as much control as I should.

Elsie has been fighting sleep lately as well. She is just so go go go and doesn’t want to stop! Even for a nap! She’s too busy for sleep. Night time is usually when I feel most guilty for her. She is usually HIGH at night around 300 or so and I am not supposed to correct for her sugar at bedtime and let her “ride high” and let Lantus do its job. Which is easier said than done. When I have 130 and 200 blood sugars all day (which they want us between 80-200 so that’s good) and then 300+ at night and usually all night, I have a hard time not feeling awful!

I know that high blood sugars cause symptoms and I do not want Elsie to feel bad while she tries to sleep. She doesn’t seem to be affected by the high sugars at night but I am just a worried mom and do not want to cause anymore discomfort for her!

Yesterday was an awful day, after having Kenz home for 9 days and she did almost all the housework and stuff it was really hard to get back into the groove of things and Elsie didn’t take a nap and was so bored yesterday. I thought I was going to have a nervous break down. Kenz made a comment about how I am crazy because I want to have more kids. I told Kenz that some days are going to be more stressful than others with or without a child with diabetes. She did understand me when I said it like that.

SO much on my mind…struggling to get it all out of my head…some things I am scared to say…

Til later

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Day 40:

Went to family thanksgivings this week! It was nice seeing everyone. We are always getting the "don't have more kids" speech by a certain individual(s) doesn't make sense to me. We want more kids its something we've discussed long before we had one kid! It irritates me for people to tell me not to "push my luck"? Seriously who says that?

I don't need approval for McKenzie and I to have more kids. Its going to happen. At least one!

I've been researching placenta encapsulation and the benefits on post partum depression etc. I am SERIOUSLY considering this option as I suffered some crazy PPD last time and if it can't hurt me why not try it out...

Elsie is doing so well! Taking to insulin very well! The last two days we've managed her blood sugar very well and trusted insulin.  Which for us was something that has been very difficult to do pretty much up until now! She's growing like crazy and she's really enjoying herself with most everything except restaurants!  Haha! She really hates the constrictions of a restaurant high chair!  But we manage!

Looking forward to Christmas,  Elsie loves the tree and lights!  Can't wait for a couple weeks! To take her through the winding brook neighborhood of lights in Granger! I think she'll really love it this year!

Til later,