Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 15:

AWESOME day!! Didn't work today - and I spent a lot of time with McKenzie & Elsie!! We babysat in the morning, and then went to the vet and got some med for the dogs!! It snowed today and for the first time in YEARS I was happy to see it!! I even threw a snowball at McKenzie!! I need to learn to like snow so that Elsie might!!

Wrapped presents!! So excited to spend the holidays with family!! I think this Christmas is going to be my favorite Christmas!!

Kenz always has a way about her and the things she says to me that make me feel so good about myself. She told me today that she loves how I wrap presents! She complimented how I do them and it felt really good to hear that!!

Miss my mom today!! I found the perfect Christmas gift to get for her! Maybe I'll order it before I go to bed tonight!!

Not much to write about!! - Kenz got me a cool journal ill have to talk about it tomorrow... Now to get this child of mine to rest her little beautiful eyes...


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