Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 12:

Friday was a BUSY day!! We got up and had to run some errands for mckenzie's brother. I had an appointment at 3:30p I thought the appointment was going to last awhile but it was over almost before wit began!! Then we got some lunch and went home. Kenz's dad came over to visit for a little while, wish they'd stay longer sometimes!! We left for Grand Rapids at about 6:00p. It was nice to see my mom.

WE went on a date!! My mom babysat and we went to dinner and got some shopping done too!! It was nice!! I had so much fun with Kenz it felt good to be able to relax and be carefree!! I knew Elsie was safe and we went to target and Meijer and goofed around!! It was great!! We came back and watched some interventions and duck dynasty and got Elsie to sleep and went to bed. Not a very exciting day but it was fun!!

I'm going to be tired tomorrow that's all I know!!


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