Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 33:

Its been about 2 or 3 weeks now since Elsie's  been diagnosed with diabetes. Calm down quite a bit. Still getting used to how she acts when she's high or low. She's in the honeymoon phase right now. Which means that since we gave her pancreas a break, its been able to perk up a little bit and give more insulin than it used to. So we haven't had to give her much insulin ourselves which this all will change when she gets bigger and she grows more. So far so good though we're working really good together communicating really well together. I'm in the process of applying for disability or some sort of financial assistance to help us with the expenses. Her medications and supplies cost over $1000 a month. We're also going to be walking in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation walk for a cure on September 15th of this year. Our website you can go to is  I'm the site you can join our team you don't have to donate any money but if you like to walk with us you can join your team or contact me at we would love to have as many supporters as we could  you may feel free to donate money it's not necessary but just to show support would be awesome. I'm trying to get in touch with a company that will make t shirts for us to wear and the proceeds from the shirt would actually help Mackenzie and I to afford more things.

So needless to say we're continuing on struggling to get used to things but it's coming along very slowly I guess Elsie's  doing very well. Thank you for support and sorry I haven't been on here much!

til later

Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 32: Diabetes

Elsie  has not been herself lately. She'd been vomiting and being quite lethargic. We brought her to the emergency room Thursday July 11th. They took some blood took a urine sample and we sat.. Then they came in and told us they were starting an IV because her sugar was high and they needed to lower it. Normal blood sugar is between 70 and 110. Hers was 453. She was in diabetic ketoacidosis. She has type 1 diabetes.

They told us they needed to transfer her to another hospital...either South bend or Indianapolis. Luckily they got us in at south bend. My mom came down and Kenz's dad came to the er in goshen.  They hooked her up to machines and ivs and she was so scared.

She'll suffer from this for the rest of her life..i wish i could take all this onto myself and take it from her.

My mom is here thank God! Kenz and i need her so much! She apologized to me tonight for how she reacted to my pregnancy. I've never held that against was a shock to everyone... I wouldn't be the woman and mother i am today without my mother.

One year ago today i was in the hospital waiting to meet this beautiful little girl. It was one of the scariest days of my life...and the anniversary hasn't proved any different...July 12 is NOT my day!

I'm terrified, I'm sad, but also relieved that we caught it before anything crazy happened..she could have gone onto a coma or had seizures.

There are so many questions that I'll probably never have answers to. I we have so much to learn. She'll need a good amount of medical attention and help taking care of herself for the rest of her life.

McKenzie and i have talked briefly but we're thinking Elsie will be an only child. I will give up my desire to birth vaginally to take the fear possible care of my daughter.

I'm holding her in my arms she's resting peacefully. They'll be in shortly to poke her again...

Her sugars are down to a controlled level...happy birthday Elsie..I'm so sorry my little munchkin!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day 31:

Yesterday was July 6th - my due date last year! I remember that day so well!! I cannot believe it's going to be a year Saturday! Crazy!! I am so proud of the little lady Elsie has become!

Mckenzie and I are trying to work in some things... Nothing too serious but we basically need to appreciate each other more than we do. We love each other so much but stressful things happen and we're both working in different roles now... Things are just flip flopped and we need to learn to appreciate what we do for each other etc. 

Planning Elsie's birthday party is stressful! I am making Elsie's cake and I'm scared that it will not turn out! I know my cupcakes will be fine and people will love them! But I'm scared I'll mess up her cake and I really really really want to impress people!! 

Got some vitamin E Oil and I'm trying to reduce the appearance of my stretch marks!! I have a ton on my belly love handles thighs and butt!! It's crazy!! I want to definitely be more active with my next pregnancy. I hope that Kenz will want more than two! We'll see how this next birth goes and I'm sure that will determine whether or not we'll try for a 3rd!! I want to get into couponing so that I can save us so much money that kids will not be an issue when it comes to money!! 

Mamas tired!! But I felt it was appropriate to update a little information!!

Til later!