Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 26:

Things are going well, my little munchkin is almost crawling! She's 19 whole pounds now!! 26 1/4 inches long!! Shes wonderful!! She was in the 50th percentile for her height, and still the 90th for her weight!! I talked to the doctor about lactation. I am lowering my supply and I'm trying to keep it up and keep enough milk to provide for Elsie while I am away at work for 12+ hours. There have been times that McKenzie has had to use the frozen milk. Elsie is picky of course and she does not like to drink ANYTHING but fresh milk or straight out of the boob! Shes a little stinker!! We have tried to supplement with Formula but she will have nothing of it!! I am proud of her for not liking it - it grosses me out too - but that puts a lot of pressure on my to keep my milk supply up! I've made some cookies and taken herbs and I am not having a lot of success with any of it. I am able to make enough still about 32(ish) ounces a day for her. She sometimes drinks more than that however! I talked to a lactation consultant at work one day and she suggested to offer more solid foods and less milk while I am away at work, and nurse her when I am home. So I think we're going to try that too - she LOVES food (obviously shes 19lbs now! haha) She also suggested that if we have to use the frozen to mix it with the fresh, that way we're using less fresh and keeping a good stock in the fridge. We'll try our best. I am not concerned with supplementing - if we have to we have and I think that I have done GREAT at keeping her strictly breast milk for 6 months of her life. Doctor also said that she is in NO way lacking of anything - Shes super healthy and my breast milk has accounted for a lot of her health. McKenzie and I BOTH had the stomach flu last week - and her awesome little immune system refused to give it to her!! YAY!! It was hard to breast feed feeling like that, but everything I've read was that because my body makes antibodies to the virus I had - it gives them to baby via my breast milk!! MY BODY IS AMAZING!! I keep impressing myself almost everyday. I think that having a baby is seriously the BIGGEST confidence booster there is - if you didn't like yourself and your body before (maybe its not as pretty) but your body just did something that only women can do and not all women can successfully do this! Its made me feel pretty awesome about myself!! I know I'll NEVER wear a two piece bathing suit again, but I had a baby!!

McKenzie told me last night that she thinks she wants 3 kids. (that's my ideal number) She goes back and forth so much though! Sometimes she doesn't want anymore, because it was too scary with the c-section and all that, but then there are days where she tells me she wants 3 like last night!! I know that we'll have as many as we feel is right for our family! Luckily we get to make that decision pretty concrete - because we don't have an option for the "oopsie" baby! ALL of our children will be planned, and wanted!! I told Kenz last night I'll be pregnant as many times as she wants me to be!!

I feel so lucky everyday for the experiences I have faced in the last 6 months!! I am so excited for the next experiences to come. There was a void in my life until 6 months ago! I was and am happy with McKenzie - but a family is what has made me feel complete!! I am so debted to my daughter - and she'll never know how much I truly needed her in my life!! I'll NEVER be able to repay her for the amazing gifts she has given to me! Because of her I have a new found believe in God, I actually have a relationship with my mother, my relationship with McKenzie is better than ever (I think), just so many things!!

We're getting ready to move out of our house, we need something with 2 or 3 bedrooms!! Elsie needs her own room!! We need our own room!! I am excited but sad at the same time to move out and not have Don and Helen as our landlords anymore! They are amazing!! They have been awesome with us!!

Changes are a coming! Here I am welcoming them with open arms and a smile!! Excited for the future!!


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