Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 27:

It's so funny! As soon as I blog about my worries with my milk supply, I leave for work this morning and notice that I just put 10oz of milk in the fridge, and that there is 3 more bags of 8oz or more in the fridge for today!! I don't know if you realize how absolutely AWESOME that is!! I am so happy to be ahead (in terms of milk supply) again!! I don't think I'll have enough to freeze or anything - BUT its a start!!

Also Miss Elsie fell asleep in her bed all by herself last night!! We gave her a bath, and she was whining a bit, so we set her in her bed. She did not cry but whined a little bit and continued to rub her blanket on her face! She has yet to be able to sleep on her own!! We were such proud little Mommies last night!! She didn't eat before she fell asleep so she woke up right as we were going to bed at like 10:30pm but ate and went to sleep!! Shes doing a bit better in terms of her sleeping! I know that we're lucky if she sleeps 5 hours! But it feels AWESOME when she does.

I have three days off after today! I am super excited! I do have to teach CPR at Oaklawn on Tuesday but that will no be too bad! I have noticed a HUGE difference in my attitude and my stress level since I have worked at Goshen Hospital. I enjoy my job, I enjoy getting up everyday and going to work! I don't remember a time when I did that at Oaklawn!! As much as I loved the kids there things were not like they used to be. The focus switched from the kids to the money - and I am not sure the exact time that all switched but it was very sad when it happened and that's when I started to not like being there. I struggled a lot with Oaklawn. I am happy, so happy, where I am now - I love the people I work with (there's a few annoying ones) and I love the patients that I work with. Some are heart wrenching and some warm my heart! Its so fulfilling and rewarding - There is nothing like this!

I hope someday to be able to work in the birthing unit. I think it would be awesome to help mothers through and after labor - it wouldn't have anything to do with babies but they'd be there obviously and I think it would be a great place to work.

Slow weekend at the hospital - slow is good - except it makes for a very dragging day!! I do get to spend more time with the patients and talk to them and get to know them! Its nice to hear stories from the older patients. This 90 year old man was telling me about when he saw a computer for the first time in June of 1947. He was at graduate school and he said it took up an entire room!! He said that all that fitting into an ipad is why he wants nothing to do with modern technology!! haha! LOVE IT!! He was adorable!!!

Well getting busy - so I need to take off!! Til Later!!

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