Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 36: JDRF Walk for a Cure

Today was our first juvenile diabetes research foundation walk for a cure event.  This was the first of many.  We will be dedicated to raising money for our sweet baby to someday have a cure from this disease.  We had about 20 our so people on our team and we walked two miles in Mishawaka it was wonderful! Weather was chilly but not too cold, it did sprinkle a bit and started raining at the end. Everyone was mingling with each other and it wasn't uncomfortable for anyone! Couldn't have been more happy! My shirts looked great and we had so many compliments on them! Elsie loved the attention! I love how social she is, she doesn't shy away too much! Everyone that loves her and everyone she loves was there for her! 

I am saying her shirt from this year and every year... I talked about making a t shirt quilt for her when she's older of all the walk shirts we get! It made me cry because I'm sure we'll walk with this for the rest of our lives! As hopeful as I am for a cure,  the reality is hard to swallow!

So thankful for my beautiful baby and for medicine for saving her life and continuing to do so everyday!  Without the advancements in medicine I couldn't kiss my baby goodnight anymore!

Feeling thankful, and emotional tonight... the love and support for our family and our daughter is incredible!  Life is good!

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