Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day 31:

Yesterday was July 6th - my due date last year! I remember that day so well!! I cannot believe it's going to be a year Saturday! Crazy!! I am so proud of the little lady Elsie has become!

Mckenzie and I are trying to work in some things... Nothing too serious but we basically need to appreciate each other more than we do. We love each other so much but stressful things happen and we're both working in different roles now... Things are just flip flopped and we need to learn to appreciate what we do for each other etc. 

Planning Elsie's birthday party is stressful! I am making Elsie's cake and I'm scared that it will not turn out! I know my cupcakes will be fine and people will love them! But I'm scared I'll mess up her cake and I really really really want to impress people!! 

Got some vitamin E Oil and I'm trying to reduce the appearance of my stretch marks!! I have a ton on my belly love handles thighs and butt!! It's crazy!! I want to definitely be more active with my next pregnancy. I hope that Kenz will want more than two! We'll see how this next birth goes and I'm sure that will determine whether or not we'll try for a 3rd!! I want to get into couponing so that I can save us so much money that kids will not be an issue when it comes to money!! 

Mamas tired!! But I felt it was appropriate to update a little information!!

Til later!

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