Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Day 51: This flew by!!

I noticed this blog was supposed to be names "halfway" I am BEYOND halfway at this point. We learned in November we would be adding a girl to the family Veda Diane was set to arrive sometime around her due date of March 29, 2015.

We hired Star, our doula, to help us prepare for this VBAC journey and she was amazing!! She provided me with additional information to help us know our options etc.

I failed my one hour glucose test, but passed the 3 hour thankfully so no Gestational Diabetes. Then find out that I was GBS+ - I began to get discouraged I did not want to have to have an IV at all - I wanted to stay home and labor as long as possible. Now I find out I am at a higher risk for PROM and I have to have antibiotics via IV every 8 hours during active labor.

February 24th I fell on the ice. Our carbon monoxide detector went off in the house so I called the fire department and they told me to leave the house and wait for them to get there - WELL it was like 8 degrees outside so I was going to go into the garage and I took one step down the stairs and went flying and landed on my back (thankfully not my belly) my head and neck hurt pretty bad but I wasn't having any contractions or anything. I called our doctor and he saw me for a quick visit in the office during lunch break and sent me up to the hospital for monitoring. Everything was okay and we left and Veda was comfortable as can be.

We waited patiently for labor to begin and I was inviting contractions and hadn't really experienced anything not even Braxton hicks contractions the entire pregnancy so I was starting to worry I'd NEVER go into labor on my own!!

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