Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Day 39:

It is November 20, 2013 we have moved out of our apartment and into a house back in Goshen! We are so happy being in a house we stay home and relax now. We've been struggling with getting this insulin thing down! Its been hard to get it right. I called Noreen this morning and we talked about how once we get something figured out and we are comfortable with it that she'll grow and we'll reconfigure it all over again.

Noreen always reassures me that we  are doing awesome and doing the best we can right now. She's amazing! I just want to do the best for Elsie and make her feel good!

Kenz & I are going to work on our communication... it's hard with a toddler and full-time job and the upkeep of a house to make time for each other.  We're going to do more to make sure that we have time together.

Thanksgiving is next week and I'm thankful for so much this thanksgiving. I've never been more happy my entire life!  Spending the holidays with friends and family is all I could ask for and a happy healthy family is the cherry on top people!

Happy happy happy!! Today was a good day! 

Til later,

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